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TruExpense travel and project expense tracking
Simplifies your expense reporting process
Ensures control and insight over travel and corporate expenses
Analyzes total spending and enable cost saving
Expense account balances for each of your employees

Can’t find documents any more, once you filed them?

No easy way to look up a specific document?

Your current document archiving solution doesn’t connect to your ERP system?

TruExpense is your optimal solution – having all the features of the most appreciated major systems (e.g. SAP) for only a fraction of their price. With TruExpense you will be able to implement within your organization an end-to-end expense management system which makes submissions simple for employees, reviews and approvals easy and fast for managers helped by built-in corporate expense policy rules – all this online. TruExpense covers also reimbursement process reducing manual back-office workload, while keeping focus on control.

Ideal for

  • Businesses with a significant number of monthly T&E reports
  • Medium and large firms with employees traveling on a permanent basis
  • Companies where already 10% of cost saving on total T&E spending is relevant
  • Organizations running projects regularly, but lacking a reliable monitoring tool

Why TruExpense? Because it is:

  • An integrated, efficient solution for the whole expenditure process
  • An ideal monitoring tool for managing project spending
  • Accessible at all time, from anywhere
  • Effective to cut costs so you’ll have a quick return on your investment

Expense reporting

  • Pre-trip authorization
  • Submit travel and corporate expense claim via the web
  • Attach receipts to expense report electronically
  • Submission forwarded automatically for review and approval
  • Submit expense report for reimbursement
  • Internal communication via integrated chat room
  • Create and submit project budget plan
  • Records financial settlements and keeps employees’ expense balances up-to-date

Reporting & Accountancy

  • Includes full analytics for booked T&E expenses
  • Up-to-date posting and booking of documents, paid and settled advances, expense account transactions
  • Automated book entries with individual or group posting
  • Tax items and contributions related to benefits and T&E expenses are generated and booked automatically
  • Posting and reporting by dimensions ( f.e. booked data by cost center, site, project)
  • Detailed, comprehensive accounting reports

Benefits in management and compliance process

  • Saves time by simplifying the entire approval workflow
  • Ensures accuracy and insight by moving the complete process to common platform
  • Drastically reduces the cost of expense report processing
  • Helps to detect overspending by setting automatic alerts in the system
  • Improves spending policy by applying common corporate T&E rules
  • Includes project module for budgeting from start to finish
  • Monitors project linked expenses
  • Scanned receipts attached to expense reports enables permanent accessibility to relevant data
  • Records transactions on the employees’ expense account in detail
  • Shows exact balance and due amount by employee
  • Clear company hierarchy management
  • Quick overview of transactions with easy filtering
  • My task folder to highlight urgent “to-do”-s
  • Overall and in-depth analysis regarding travel and corporate expenses

Access control

  • Pre-defined user roles
  • Access rights definable for each user
  • Built-in secure login mechanism to protect user accounts from unauthorized access
  • Web based system hosted in secure data center or run locally

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